Why respond to comments when I can just make a new post?

First order of business: It’s been pointed out that Senator Lieberman does not serve on the committee I previously attributed to him.  However, I’m never wrong he probably does serve on the committee I claimed he does.

2nd order: Voting for a 3rd party candidate – My personal desire is for America to someday move to a multiple party system.  Perhaps if there were, say, 7 viable parties there might be ONE that almost lines up with some of my beliefs.  Some people say that America has always been a 2 party nation and that’s kind of true but there have been a few major shakeups and they indicate to me that major shakeups CAN happen again.

2 party system part 1: Democratic Republicans vs Federalists – The first few decades of our republic experienced VICIOUS partisanship but eventually the Democratic Republicans destroyed the Federalists politically.

1 party system: Next came a few decades of only ONE major party as the Democratic Republicans were renamed the Democrats.*  There was no second viable party, just some independents to provide opposition.

2 party system part 2: Finally the Whigs rose up to present a legitimate challenger, the Civil War basically killed them off and the new Republican Party essentially replaced them.

* prior to this rebranding, Democratic Republicans often referred to themselves as Republicans.  Many confused, or perhaps manipulative, conservatives refer to some of these men as having been Republicans in the modern sense.  The lineage of parties isn’t that important, anyway, as the Republicans and Democrats have almost swapped positions on many major issues over the years.  Famous Democrat Andrew Jackson would, in my opinion, be a Republican today.  Abe Lincoln basically co-founded the Errrrrpublican Party but if he were around today I imagine he would start up a brand new party all over again.  End of ramble.


4 responses to “Why respond to comments when I can just make a new post?

  1. Hey, for all I know, you might have doctored that site.

  2. Now that you mention it, I DID, in fact. I Photoshopped in a more prominent bulge in the crotch of Joe Biden’s pants. I just thought it more representative of his “I’ll fuck anything that MOVES!” reputation within the Senate. Washington insiders know who REALLY impregnated Palin’s daughter, after all. That’s right! And with Pelosi’s gavel, to boot!

  3. not sure how i missed this post the first time around.

    fuck andrew jackson so hard!

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