Silly soccer fans

Fans of Napoli, a team in Serie A (Italy’s top soccer league) rioted on a train ride to Rome for a big match.  Now the government has banned Napoli fans from going to any away games.  Huh!?  How does that work?  I mean, how do they look into your soul and know for sure that you’re a Napoli fan?  Couldn’t the Napoli fans just wear clothes without Napoli logos or colors and just go to away games, regardless?  How the fuck does this work?!



One response to “Silly soccer fans

  1. well it simple, if in an away game they find people supporting Napoli they will just kick them out, or if there are too much to kick out the team could suffer the consequences ( example the game could be stopped). no fans what to see their team be punished because of them. that said napoli fans could still come to the stadium but they won’t cheer. either way the goverment wins.

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