Lieberman really sucks (but not for party-hopping)

If you don’t know the situation, Sen. Joe Lieberman, former Democrat and current independent*, spoke on behalf of McCain at the Errrrrpublican Convention last night.  His remarks centered almost completely on the war.  That should be no surprise because that’s really Liberman’s only topic – not the war specifically but rather THE MIDDLE EAST.

Lieberman is Jewish and most of the time this wouldn’t matter in the least but this inclination informs 100% of Lieberman’s decisions.  I’m not talking about moral decisions but rather foreign policy and Israel which is super dangerous since he’s head of the Foreign Relations committee.  Having Lieberman in congress is like having a senator representing Israel.  He’s so biased it’s ridiculous and his love for Israelis and hatred of Arabs, Persians and Afghanis has given him all the motivation he needs to be among the most hawkish politicians in Washington.

He may have been a big, juicy liberal at one point but now all of his politics boil down to matters of Israel.  Since that’s the only issue that matters to him he might as well just join the Republicans since the one issue he cares about lines up with their policies on the matter.

*Lieberman is technically an independent but he “caucuses” with the Democrats, meaning he counts toward their majority in the senate.


One response to “Lieberman really sucks (but not for party-hopping)

  1. Lieberman won’t change party affiliation because, if he DID, he would lose ALL seats he currently holds as part of the Democratic Caucus and Democratically-controlled Senate committees and sub-committees, and, therein, his ability to mandate the schedule and address of policies pertaining to each—and he KNOWS that.

    Just watch. When the next Senatorial round of partisan musical chairs comes along, and the Democrats get a SOLID majority no longer impingent upon Lieberman’s caucus support, Lieberman WILL change sides, stating something along the lines of, “The Democwatic pawty just doesn’t seem to wepwesent my pewsonaw vawues any wongew. Wegwetfuwwy, I must now change sides of the aiw.” (He’ll then go on to appear in a cameo role as chaplain during the wedding scene of The Princess Bride.) GUARANTEED. Nancy Pelosi has been threatening to de-throne him for a while, anyway, but knows it would be stupid before the next reelection cycle.

    As a note: Lieberman doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the Foreign Relations committee. Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden (!) heads that one up. That’s PROLLY why Obama picked him (to serve as international “President Behind the Curtain”). The whole “lack of foreign policy experience” thing and all… Hopefully the FRC will make Russ Feingold—non Jew-obsessed Jew (AND, as it should happen, the fuckin’ MAN [GOD, I hope he runs for President in 2012!]!)—chairman of that committee once Biden takes up the VP slot.

    Joe Lieberman, on the other hand, co-chairs the MUCH-less-seriously-considered Committee on the Present Danger (aka The “Which Third-World Country Should We Become Mindlessly Afraid Of & Bomb And/Or Invade In Reactionary Fashion NEXT?!?! HUH?!?!” Committee), chairs the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (PRECISELY why no one within the Bush Administration is EVER held to account for their OBVIOUS fuckheadisms), and is a simple member of the Committee on Armed Services, among, probably, a few others which have nothing to do with military usage. All the guy is really allowed to do any longer is TALK. Which is STILL too much involvement. And gross to listen to.

    You’re correct on THIS score, however: Joe Lieberman is a real piece of dog-. Nice shootin’, Tex!

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