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boogie’s photography

came across this interview on pingmag:

i really like this guy’s pictures.



some neat stuff to look at…

so… we’ve all been on tour for a while.

and that’s my only excuse for the dwindling posts. matt’s been doing a good job of keeping the flame burning, and i’m hoping to jump in and help him carry this burden.

this post is just a quicky. some art/design stuff i had in my favorites…


“30 of the most creative bookshelf designs”

what i like best about looking at these is that it makes me want to start building my own furniture.

here are some favorites:

and while we’re on the topic of interior design…

hotel rooms:

these are all painted by san francisco locals at the hotel des arts.

next are some rooms at propeller island city lodge in berlin:

flying bed

4 beams

mirror room

upside down


padded cell


two lions

here are some other similar hotels:

Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Gladstone Hotel

Hotel De Filosoof

Hotel Fox

Hotel Max

browse those for a while.


McCain being dumb

In case you haven’t heard, McCain wants to postpone campaigning and debating so he can concentrate on the economy? wtf? First of all, he’s not in a position to DO anything about the economy. He is a single senator with very little pull in economical matters. Additionally, he has no credit on the subject as he’s admitted his ignorance on the matter so many times that even preschoolers are aware of it. I don’t hold that ignorance against him, no one can be an expert in every field, but postponement is so cheesy and pandering it’s ridiculous. Are we supposed to think, “Holy shit, he’s so serious and concerned that he’s putting everything aside to fix the economy! We love McCain!” ? I hope the real reason is that he just needs a few extra days to put together his economic plan together and then resumes campaigning because otherwise it’s pathetic.

So far I like what he’s said over the last week: fuck a government bailout. In fact, I’m glad that MOST Republicans AND Democrats are hesitant regarding the bailout. I mean, if that’s not a fucking free lunch I don’t know what is. So why is the Archconservative George W. so in favor of it? I think capitalism is great but it’s not always going to be perfect. Basically, capitalism fucked up and it has to fix itself. If the government hands over $700 billion to the same people that fucked up, then our government is full of dirty commies! Better dead than red, right? So, McCain, please continue to say: Fuck a bailout. But say it NOW without postponements. Oh, also, have Palin killed. And also, quit being a complete sellout. And quit running dishonest campaign ads. And Obama, don’t be such a pussy.


The Urgency Tour, Days 4/5/6



DAY OFF (9/9/2008)

Today was a day off, and the Vertical Violet folks were nice enough to let us stay with them in Wichita. Waffles were waiting for us in the morning. These people are awesome. Breck, the dad, showed us his awesome record collection and told us how The Smiths got him into industrial (?). Spent most of the afternoon playing Risk….my first game ever. I was eliminating third out of five players, which apparently is decent. George and Cecil got into a pissing contest (not, unfortunately, literally) over the game; George took him, and everyone else, out. After a delicious chili dinner (during which we quizzed Freya the Fairy on various aspects of fairy life) , we spent the rest of the night hanging out, playing Boggle and Aladdin for the Genesis with Freya the Fairy, and petting kitties in the backyard. It’s disgraceful, the hedonism we get up to….



The Soundpony (9/10/2008)

Left the VV house, after another great breakfast. We would miss this place, even more so after tonight. We made our way over to Tulsa. I finished Xavier, Season 1. Tulsa reminded me of Des Moines. We ate at an amazing Chinese Thai restaurant Mandy found online called Be Le. All sorts of yummy fake meats. The show was at the bar called Soundpony, which was decorated with various cycling paraphanelia. Free hot dogs and High Life (no veggie dogs, booo….). A lady opened for us, just her and her box full of pedals. Pretty good, I bought her CD for $5. Then we played. During the first song, my eyes were closed. When I opened them, the bar was 97 % cleared out. Oops! We proceeded to play the entirety of our album to the bartender and two middle-aged drunks taking pictures of themselves. Admittedly, it was not a good room for live rock music: all concrete, leading to a very bright, loud sound. We sounded really good, at least. Annoyed, we decided to head on after the show to Springfield, MO. During the drive, we came across a strange building in the middle of nowhere that flashed psychedelic colors. Cecil wanted to stop and sleep there. I said that there was no way we could get in, but that we could go back and sleep by it if he really, really wanted to BUT if he didn’t go now, he couldn’t complain about it later. He said we could keep going. He complained about it later.


The album.



Outland Ballroom, 9/11/2008)

Rolled into Springfield around 4 A.M. Pulled into a church parking lot and uncomfortably went to sleep. Was awoken a few hours later by the flashing lights of two police cars parked behind us. We were afraid we’d get towed or treated to some “southern hospitality”, but they soon left. Went back to unrestful sleep. Woke up soon after, and wandered around downtown. Went to a coffeeshop. Wandered some more. BORED. Found a nearby cave that you are driven around in, but it cost $20 +. WTF. Found local art museum (which was free) instead. It was ok. Spent several hours at 1984, an awesome arcade with games from the late 70s through early 90s. Really, really fun. Scott set a new Burger Time record. I dedicated a song to it that night. I played Golden Axe, P.O.W. and Space Invaders, mostly. Scott gave the free pass he won for getting the high score to our waitress as part of her tip. The first two bands who played with us, New Madrid and The Verbs, were good and had a crowd. We, of course, cleared the room but of a few people. Do I sense a theme? Andrew from New Madrid let us crash at his place. Really cool guy. We were incredibly sleepy though, and could offer only mumbling in reply.


don’t remember.




Bruce Lee movies are 1) possibly racist 2) definitely often anti-climactic

I have seen EVERY movie starring Bruce Lee. PS – That’s only 5 movies. Here’s a common theme in these movies: set up some guy or group as being pretty tough, then have Bruce very easily destroy the guy or group. Most of the fighters in these movies are Chinese, Japanese, or European/American whites. PS – I’m using common, international names for these movies (THE BIG BOSS, FIST OF FURY, RETURN OF THE DRAGON, ENTER THE DRAGON, GAME OF DEATH).

Almost all Chinese fighters are at least somewhat formidable, even if they look and act like clumsy asses. Take the Chinese guy that Bruce fights at the end of THE BIG BOSS (can’t remember its American name) – he just looks like an older, more Chinese version of Jim Meier but he gives Bruce a run for his money. So does the old dork with a fake hand in ENTER THE DRAGON. Other Chinese fighters are usually set up as being somewhat tough and live up to expectations, like the pricks near the end of GAME OF DEATH.

Whites are often set up as tough, only to be very easily disposed of. First, the most famous example – Chuck Norris in RETURN OF THE DRAGON. His character is supposed to be the karate world champion (if I remember correctly) but apparently he fights as a mercenary, as well. Eventually, he fights Bruce in the CLIMACTIC CONCLUSION fight, which is competitive for about 30 seconds before Bruce spends the rest of the fight breaking Chuck’s arm, leg and then neck with the greatest of ease. Or how about the Russian guy at the end of FIST OF FURY? Or O’Hara, the supposedly invincible guy in ENTER THE DRAGON? Or the fucking pro fighter in GAME OF DEATH that Lee doesn’t even break a sweat on? That’s right, in 4 of Lee’s 5 movies, there’s a white guy that is presented as somewhere between pretty tough to super touch, and Lee beats all their assholes without any problem. John Saxon is very unconvincingly presented as a tough fighter in ENTER THE DRAGON, an American-produced movie. His character doesn’t fight Lee.

Unless I’m mistaken, Japanese fighters only appear in FIST OF FURY but Jesus, are they pathetic – to the point that it’s not the least bit interesting. Basically, Lee strolls into a dojo and beats up every guy in the place every bit as effectively as Superman could manage. Yeah, I get it – it’s a statement and the Chinese hate the Japanese but, holy shit, it’s just dumb.

There’s a black dude, played by Kareem Abdul Jabar, that fights Bruce in GAME OF DEATH. He’s actually quite formidable. He was also Lee’s student in real life so perhaps that explains his unusual status as the only non-Chinese opponent to make Bruce sweat. One of the main characters in ENTER THE DRAGON is black but he’s killed pretty easily by an old Chinese geek.

Lee’s status as film icon is somewhat unearned. His movies always have long, boring stretches and they usually serve vehicles for him to easily destroy dudes. THE KARATE KID is way better than any Bruce Lee movie even though its fighting is slow and unimpressive. It’s the DRAMA that makes it exciting. Tony Jaa movies are a lot better than Lee movies, too – the stunts are boss and his charactesr don’t just beat everyone without blinking an eye.



Palin’s glasses

So. Governor Palin has inspired a bunch of fucking idiots to get glasses just like hers and now there’s a TWO MONTH WAIT for the particular model she favors. I’m not annoyed with Palin or anything – she’s just wearing glasses she likes – but Jesus, what’s up with all these fucking sheep that order copy cat glasses? Just imagine, if McCain-Palin wins, there’s going to be a media frenzy if she ever changes to a different pair. If she is elected she’s going to get attention for all the wrong reasons from both men and women. And GOD, just imagine if she gets pregnant again while in office, which I think is likely. The press will go berzerk and mindless office bitches across the nation will stop chatting about AMERICAN IDOL and start chatting about how excited they are for Palin Jr being born soon. Once again, this rant isn’t aimed at Palin but rather our country, which will turn into a giggly middle school class if/when she is elected.



Suicide is not cowardly

I think it’s really, really annoying when people refer to suicide as “the coward’s way out”. Really? Given the simple fact that the vast majority of people do not have a 100% solid idea of what will happen to them after dying makes it a pretty courageous thing to do. Even most religious people won’t be totally sure that they aren’t destined for Hell. Of course, many of these people also think that suicide is a one-way ticket to hell so these people are either super courageous or just plain stupid to kill themselves. I personally believe that I will just cease to exist when I die and my body will just be a big lump destined to be cremated or buried and decompose. However, I can’t prove that and I’m not even SUPER sure that will happen, no matter how likely I think it is. So for me to kill myself would be a really BRAVE thing to do.

No, I’m not contemplating suicide.