Okay, not womanizer. BUT look at these facts:

1. McCain was born in 1936, so he is 71.

2. His first wife, Carol, who is a former model, was born in 1936.

3. McCain and Carol were married in 1965; both were 29.

4. McCain and Carol were divorced in 1980; both were 44.

5. At age 44, you no longer look young–model or not.

6. McCain marries Cindy McCain in the same year he divorces Carol.

7. Cindy is 26 when she marries McCain; McCain is 44.

8. Cindy is 18 years younger than McCain.

It really surprises me that someone that has been divorced and remarried is going to be a presidential nominee. There is nothing wrong with this, but is this a first? It also seems apparent that McCain enjoys young, pretty women. I know I can’t say divorcing your aging wife and marrying a hot, blonde twenty-something in the same year is wrong, but hmm.

13 responses to “McCain=Womanizer??

  1. i guess you have never visited sun city, az. lots of old men married to younger women. age is a matter of the mind, not the reality of numbers.

  2. and no, this divorced issue is not a first, do you know who ronald reagan was?

  3. The only president to have been divorced is Ronald Regean. And both his wives were actresses.

  4. Nope, never been to AZ. And does anyone question why it is often old men marrying young women and that it’s not old women marrying young men? It seems if it were a matter of mind and not the reality of numbers, it would be going both ways.

  5. It’s cuz shallow men want looks and shallow women want money. Err, usually, anyway. But Mrs. McCain has a lot of money so maybe she just wanted power/prestige/veteranpenis.

  6. Allison, please don’t fail us now with McCain’s VP pick.

  7. In this acceptance video, it appears McCain is looking at her butt the whole time… Probably not the case, butttt…

    …his VP choice did surprise me.

  8. I too noticed him looking at her ass…

  9. The more you find out about McCain and his hot temper, foul mouth, womanizing ways, his involvement with the Savings and Loan scandal, his McCain/Feingold act after he himself was put into office with 100% funding from Bud Beer, he is a hypocrite. He cheated on his first wife for 3.5 years with at least 7 women and cheated his way into congress by marrying a billioniare and using her money to fund his hunger for power, then he calls her names too. His best friend years ago being the owner of one of the Savings and Loan Banks only got McCain a severe reprimand, he had MANY dealings with him too, but how can we be sure Bud Beer money didn’t get him off the hook? How can a man like this be trusted to do anything right? You can’t!

  10. I understand from a friend who knows first-hand that McCain did a little more than just look at butts and boobs when gambling in Las Vegas. He liked to reach out and touch someone. Dealers and cocktail waitresses hated to see him coming.

  11. interesting… McCain isn’t perfect, huh… thank goodness Obama is. I really like to remember the final lines from his wonderful book Audacity of Hope:

    ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’

    Now there’s a comforting thought. Your ignorance is unsettling to say the least.

  12. Hi I found a good article about how McCain betrayed his family and posted it on my page. A man that would betray his own family would certainly betray people he doesn’t even know.

  13. To Ninjagarden; Ronald Reagan was married to movie star Jane Wyman . They were divorced and he married Nancy. He was the first divorced President, I believe.

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