Grand Royal

Do you errrrrmember Grand Royal, the record label founded by the Beastie Boys? I have secrets for you! IT SUCKED.

I thought Grand Royal was really cool back in my middle and high school days but I guess that was just because the Beastie Boys released their own albums and singles on the label, all of which were quite good. HOWEVER, decent major releases by aritsts other than the Beastie Boys were rare, especially if you remove Atari Teenage Riot, who were only distributed by Grand Royal in the US and not signed to the label.

So, here they are, the good releases by Grand Royal that weren’t by the Beastie Boys:

In Search of Manny by Luscious Jackson – an interesting blend of samples and live instruments. After this EP Luscious Jackson just became a boring disco band.

The Hurra by Hurricane – the Beastie Boys’ DJ takes a stab at a solo album, which sounds a lot like . . . a Beastie Boys album, which should come as no surprise since the Beastie Boys and their extended family pop up all over the album.

BS 2000 – another Beastie Boys side project. It’s like sped-up Beastie Boys beats.

Sean Lennon – Wow, it has nothing to do with the Beastie Boys! A bunch of really strong, catchy pop songs.

And that’s it. Everything else was either a poop or a fart, except for a few singles. Pieces of shit on the label included Ben Lee and fucking JIMMY EAT WORLD. Perhaps the most perplexing thing about Grand Royal was its NEAR-DISDAIN for hip-hop. Aside from their own stuff and the Hurricane album, they never released a hip-hop album. wtf?! The closest they came was a few vinyl-only singles from people like The Prunes and Mr. Lif.



5 responses to “Grand Royal

  1. For some reason I’m surprised you really like Sean Lennon’s stuff.

  2. Well, I listen to a lot of Beach Boys and Os Mutantes so itz only natural. I’m surprised YOU like Sean Lennon (or do you?).

  3. i liked the At The Drive-In album that was released on grand royal.

  4. Interesting. I never really knew of any other Grand Royal releases outside of the Beasties.

    Nice to see the Jimmy Eat World hate, too.


  5. I listened to him a lot when “Into the Sun” came out back in high school. But I don’t think I’ve listened to it in several years. And I haven’t heard “Friendly Fire.”

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