Trains Are…Mint

Today, after rolling around until the mail came, I went to Chicago Comics (where the employees were pretty rude and the customers seemed to be stuck-up assholes… EG: I overheard one customer tell his less-enlightened friends very loudly in a condescending manner how Persepolis is something he discovered and it’s the greatest thing they’ve never heard of. Ughh). Anyway…Chicago Comics has a pretty great Small Press section along with a very substantial Self-Published section. I ended up buying Trains Are…Mint by Briton Oliver East. His writing is just okay, but his watercolors in a comic are fun to look at.

One response to “Trains Are…Mint

  1. I miss the days when I lived in Iowa City and Daydreams had a good indie section. No such luck in Des Moines or Gainesville.

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