Some things that almost certainly don’t exist

God as understood by any of our religions
aliens that have visited earth


5 responses to “Some things that almost certainly don’t exist

  1. I lol’d when I saw the GA bigfoot was really a costume in ice.


  2. Dear Middle Man,
    wtf? How is anything in those links at all convincing or conclusive? Your friend, Kicknz

  3. Nice page. I share your interest in Bigfoot, and I’ve been watching the recent events with a keen eye as well. You should probably check out my story about my personal Bigfoot hunting expedition which started in the backwoods of Arkansas and is now headed to Australia for the “Yowie.” I just posted part one of this story, and the second half will be up tonight.
    Catch ya’ later,

  4. Although I also doubt the existance of most of those on your list (perhaps I remain a little open minded on the subject of ghost type experiences…)

    However I think telepathy is almost certainly possible… the very nature of our reality (quantum weirdness, the nature of time/space, the holographic principle etc…), coupled the quantum size of our brain micro-circuitry, makes it reasonable to assume it’s possible…

    …but… completely uncontrollable, random, and rare – at least on a concious level.

    Quantum theory and experimental data shows that whatever our reality is, it’s definately not LOCAL (i.e. Newton’s apple which fell on his head is not self-contained), rather it shows us that the world is infact NON-LOCAL…

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