Can someone make Johnny B a writer in da blawg?

Anytime I say something about the possibility of the US being involved in a war Mr. Brower mentions that we would have air supriority within hours, minutes, seconds, or milli-seconds. But hey, I’m guessing we probably control 98% of air traffic over Iraq and Afghanistan and that alone doesn’t seem to solve the problem.


6 responses to “Can someone make Johnny B a writer in da blawg?

  1. Hey, I’ve tried to convince him…but I’m guessing he doesn’t want to be associated with a bunch of bleeding-heart pussies liberals.

  2. Oops. Yeah, “ditto,” I guess, on the “air warfare isn’t everything” score. Didn’t read this post before going off on the previous one.

    Ah, well, posterity and all…

  3. You know, I probably should start writing since everybody is taking things so seriously now. I thought this is where I came to get my Mega Man comparisons and which Castlevania was the best (symphony of the night…duh). I don’t say things just to stir the pot, even though that last trip was pretty funny. I do read every once in a while (mostly military), so the things I say are based on something. I’ll see if I can dig up some of the articles and post the links from the gas pricez skit, which I’ll do for future posts as well. But I honestly don’t have time to do much right now. Might as well sign me up anyways, Mr. Miller.

    To Hetero Sapiens: if you’d like to talk about all this built up rage with me, feel free, my door is always open. Or how about just a hug? A big old hug from Uncle John. How many names did I call people names in this post? Zero. But that’s ok, let it out kid.

  4. Johnny B.: No.

    The only males I hug these days are A) my stepfather (and quite awkwardly at THAT, I might add; he’s a “conservative,” whatever the [INSERT “naughty word” that, apparently, transforms everyone on this blog into blushing 7th Heaven cast members AFTER having already read the likewise-“naughtified” original entry, vapors free HERE] THAT means these days); and B) James Franco, should he offer such as consolation after having severely disappointed me with his oral coitus skills.

    *Sigh* Oh, James… You try so hard…

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