The most overrated hip-hop album

Pauls Boutique by Beastie Boys

I personally love this album but it gets way too much love and attention from music critics and writers.  The greatest offense is that these writers repeatedly claim that the beats on PB are more dense, layered, and/or sophisticated than any previous hip-hop album.  UGH.  Not so.  Remember, critics/writers, the 2 Public Enemy albums that came out before PB?  Those albums have beats that are much thicker and sophisticated than those on PB.  And the whole layered beats thing was an emerging trend, anyway.  Other 1989 albums from groups like De La Soul and 3rd Bass had them.

I think the real reason these dumbass writers overpraise PB is because there are so many recognizable samples from people like THE BEATLES and CURTIS MAYFIELD and my mom.


2 responses to “The most overrated hip-hop album

  1. If you think that’s something, listen to Run DMC’s “Raising Hell” and “Licensed to Ill” back to back.

    I think also people rep this album because it was the transition from the “party” B-Boys to the “sound crafting” Beasties we know now.

    You want a true HipHop Classic from ’88? “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back”, by Public Enemy. I love that album, even today.


  2. Come on…lets just say things the way they are; its because they are white.
    I truly looove the beastie, one of the best hip hop groups! but critics/white people love it when there a white artist who can make the so called “black” music as well as the best black artists! so they end up over praising them! which is a sad , and a shame! because that is last thing great artists need!
    it only furthers the risk of their true relevancy being obstructed…
    shit1 im starting to sound like a critic here..hehe! fuck…
    still mean it tho.

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