2nd Amendment Pt II and then some

So, I did some research on gun laws in Illinois and found that handguns are allowed to be registered in IL, but not in Chicago among other cities. I was aware that there was a recent lift on the ban of handguns in Washington DC, so this, of course, complicates the current handgun ban in Chicago and other cities. Maybe people were aware of all of this, but I thought I’d share anyway.

Something else I came across that I found interesting is an anti-Obama ad created by Floyd Brown, who also created the infamous Willie Horton ad. The anti-Obama ad is a 60-second clip that summarizes a few, tragic cases of gang violence that affected the young and innocent. It then places the fact that Obama voted against the death penalty for gang murders. It fails to mention that gang murders are usually committed by poor minorities and that by instating the death penalty here is more so an act against poor minorities than simply gang violence. The advertisement is really obnoxious in that it simplifies a huge issue that needs more than 60 seconds to fully explain to a viewer. The ad also uses the persuasion technique of appealing to emotion, which completes the idea that this is just a mere piece of propaganda.

2 responses to “2nd Amendment Pt II and then some

  1. McCain is desperate. He’s trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator: white joe-six-pack who distrusts having a Black president in the first place and are just looking for a reason that won’t make them look racist.

    Make sure you take note of the crime/murder rate in DC during the years of the Handgun Ban: according to what you seem to say, there should have been no murders or violent crime–and especially no handgun crime whatsoever. Right? :-)


  2. yes!!

    political ads are so much fun to watch!!

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