The Medal Count

Basically, this article mentions that, when it comes to the Olympics medal count, the US ranks countries in order of total medals won while China and most of the rest of the world rank countries by how many GOLD MEDALS they’ve earned. The article then mentions that, due to their disparate ranking methods, the US and China will both probably claim victory at the Gamez.

There’s one big problem with this criteria that the article typically fails to mention: the ONLY OFFICIAL FUCKING MEDAL COUNT IS THE GOLD MEDAL COUNT. This is the only fucking ranking criteria the IOC uses or has ever used. In other words, we’ve decided to play by our own rules. So we can call ourselves the winner but we’ll be the only ones that do.

Here’s my awesome analogy: In Major League Baseball, wins is the only stat that will get you into the playoffs. So imagine if the Cubs get 100 wins and get into the playoffs but meanwhile the Cardinals won 99 games but scored more total runs, missing out on the playoffs, but then hold a victory parade declaring themselves champions because they scored more total runs during the season.

Awful analogies aside, I hate the medal count, especially because it encourages dumbass big powers like USA, China and Russia to invest in sports that their countries don’t give a flying fuck about to begin with just so they can steal a few more medals.


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