More Olympix ranting: water polo and volleyball

In response to Ryan’s previous post – water polo is NOT very foreign to the US. I would think that most sports fans here can identify it immediately. Obviously, a lot of Americans play the sport because our men’s national team is world class. Our men’s volleyball team is world class, too, in spite of a lack of prestige for the sport among American men. Both teams are doing very well at the current Olympics and have medal goals.

With these teams being somewhere between decent to world-class year after year, why do they never, ever get any attention outside of the Olympics? They both play a fair amount of games a year and the players are pros. Would it really kill ESPN to show their non-Olympics matches on ESPN2 or ESPN Classic?

On the other hand, the USA men’s national rugby team currently DOES have their games shown on ESPN Classic, which is confusing. We are NOT a powerful rugby nation and teams like Australia defeat us with great ease. I love rugby, but I’m not sure it’s getting airtime when more established sports that we’re better at are not. TheEnd.


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