The 1936 Berlin Olympics really did display Aryan Supremacy

Okay, this is another one of those things that’s always misrepresented in our media/culture/whatever. Books, TV shows, etc. love to present the 1936 Berlin Olympics in the following manner . . .

“Nazi scum Adolf Hitler staged the Olympics in an attempt to display Aryan supremacy and show the world the athletic prowess of the German athlete . . . BUT black African-American athlete JESSE OWENZ had other plans, earning FOUR gold medalz and showing how ATHLETICALLY INEPT those fucking Nazi skumz really were.”

Why is this representation super annoying? Because the GERMANS WON WAY MORE MEDALS THAN ANYONE ELSE AT THE BERLIN OLYMPICS. Good job, Jesse Owens. But also – good job, Nazis, you kicked our asses in the Gamez. I just think it’s really annoying that the 1936 Olympics are always misrepresented.

PS – There are a LOT of parallels between the 1936 Nazi Olympix and the 2008 China Commie Olympix. Examples include massive cleanups to impress foreigners, huge amounts of money spent to ensure victory in the medal count, rounding up of dissidents/undesireds, and so on.

Communist China = Nazi Germany



3 responses to “The 1936 Berlin Olympics really did display Aryan Supremacy

  1. Agreed. It wasn’t until this year that I realized that the Olympics are not just about Sportz.

  2. Oh. Were you just born this year?

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