More Olympic stuff…sort of

The other day my brother and I were having lunch at some crappy Chinese restaurant, when I overheard the following conversation.

Two women are waiting for their takeout food, both watching Olympic water polo on a television in the restaurant.

Woman #1: These Olympics…Some of these sports I’m not even familiar with. (motioning to the television) I mean, water polo, I don’t really know what that is.

Woman #2: I don’t even know what this sport is called!

Is water polo really that foreign?

And did Woman #2 really just admit to not even listening to what the previous woman said and being too stupid to read the tv screen?

I love people.


One response to “More Olympic stuff…sort of

  1. Yeah, Woman #2 is a dumbfuck.

    And I really don’t think water polo is really that foreign. First off, it’s an NCAA Championship sport for both men and women. And lots and lots of high schools have water polo club teams. Lincoln did way back when me was student there.

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