Iowa State Fair: Food

I am just sitting in Des Moines, bored and unemployed, waiting for the fair and anxious to leave, but right now, I am mostly waiting for the State Fair. So, let me make use of my extra time to tell you about my favorite fair foods….

Cheese on a Stick: I got this at Urbandale’s 4th of July Carnival and it wasn’t nearly as good as it is at the State Fair, BUT I really enjoyed how the carney put my cheese back in the fryer AFTER I had taken a bite out of it. The best place to get cheese on stick at the State Fair is near the front gate in front of the Grand Stand.

Dairy Barn Ice-cream: I love ice-cream and the ice-cream from the AE Dairy Barn is very fresh and delicious. One year, they had cherry chocolate chip, but I have not seen it since, so I usually get strawberry. The AE Dairy Barn is located next to the horse pavilion and there is a booth in the Agricultural Building. I would not recommend purchasing Dairy Barn ice-cream and then walking through the animal barns b/c the fans will blow hay and dung on your ice-cream.

Salt Water Taffy: I prefer butterscotch, but any flavor is pretty great. I also like the robot man that stretches the taffy.

Whole Dill Pickles: So whole, so crisp, so delicious.

Cheese Curds:

Turkey Drumstick: Sorry, veg. These are pretty good.

3 responses to “Iowa State Fair: Food

  1. are you gonna go before 8 tomorrow so that you can get in for free?!

    might as well… considering you have no job.

  2. I considered going for free tomorrow, but it’s prettay early.

    Annd I think all unemployed people have to be lazy? Or maybe that’s just me…

  3. Have you tried Kool Aid Pickles? They have great ones at

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