Re: Matt’s Post

I haven’t beaten very many video games, but posting this here still makes me feel like a dirty nerd.

1. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: I beat this game three times in a row–once to beat it, once to do everything possible, and I’m not sure what the third time was for–during the fall of 2004. :( :( :(

2. We Heart Katamari: I love this game. I think it is the only non-handheld game I have beaten on my own.

3. Mole Mania: This game is great. It wasn’t until I had had it for approximately 15 years that I played the game all the way through.

4. Sword of Mana: I’ll admit I got the game guide for free, so I doubt this really counts.

5. Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time: I sometimes forget I played the Mario and Luigi GBA games since I borrowed both of these, but they’re tite.

6. Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

Honorable Mentions: Link’s Awakening; Zelda: Minish Cap; Animal Crossing DS (I know there is no end, but I played this game for a damn long time.); Zelda: Four Swords; Final Fantasy VII; Final Fantasy X; Super Mario World (This is very debatable since Ryan beat 99.999% of the levels, but it is the only game I didn’t play alone.); Goldeneye: 007; Super Mario 64; Super Mario Kart (Can a person even beat this game?); Katamari Damacy

3 responses to “Re: Matt’s Post

  1. so the honorable mentions are games that you didn’t quite beat?

  2. Of course you can beat Mario Kart games. Depending on your personal criteria, you’d have to win all the grand prix’s on the medium or hard difficulties. Feelin’ it?

  3. Yessir, honorable mentions are games that I didn’t quite beat.

    Matt, I beat Super Mario Kart w/ your criteria.

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