IMDBates: The Dark Knight

Here’s a link to a hilarious post on The Onion AV Club’s Link Blog, which presents some of the choicest debates raging within the forum on the IMDB page for The Dark Knight. It covers the contingent of women who think The Joker is sexy and how Maggie Gyllenhaal’s perceived lack of attractiveness almost ruined some posters’ enjoyment of the movie. So yeah, basically written by morons and parents-basment types. It’s long, but worth it:



2 responses to “IMDBates: The Dark Knight

  1. i’ll take a menage a trois with the joker and patrick bateman. and after we get our kicks together, i’ll masturbate while i watch them fight naked to the death.

    ps ramrod is waaaayyyyy creepier than the joker.

    pps do you think some of those guys are so insecure that they are worried that girls would prefer the joker over them?

  2. I don’t care that Maggie G. is ugly, that’s fine. There are lots of ugly women in the world and they should be represented in movies so Good Job, Maggie Jilly! But it was silly/unbelievable when Joker walked up to her and called her beautiful. I almost laft out loud.

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