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Beati Paoli – New Song! While We’re Young

here it is!

this is the last song we needed to upload in order to have EVERY SONG from the new Beati Paoli album, “A Sense Of Urgency”, available online.

While We’re Young (Sing Me Something New):

it’s track 8 on the album, and it’s also streamable on Beati Paoli’s Myspace, Beati Paoli’s Facebook, and The Noising Machine Website.

AND, like all the others, you can add it to your facebook or desktop players through Beati Paoli’s profile.

the snocap store doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, so the song hasn’t been uploaded there yet, but DON’T WORRY, we’ll upload it as soon as we can.

and in other, possibly more important, news…

Beati Paoli cd release shows! the line ups are amazing. great bands. friday, september 5th @ the vaudeville mews!

adam robert haug
poison control center

maxilla blue
ross moffat

brent houzenga did the art for the flyer. check him out.



Michael Jackson’s Forgotten Music Video

Well, Friday was Michael Jackson’s 50th birthday, so I thought I’d talked about his “forgotten” music video, “Can You Feel It”.  It’s one of the craziest f***ing things I’ve seen, but it’s awesome!  Released in August of 1981, the single is actually a Jacksons song, but the video was conceived and written by Michael Jackson.  Something that is made clear in the credits of the video. Yes, 2 years before the Thriller video had credits and opening titles. So I guess Michael Jackson would consider it a short film, along with most of his other videos.  And the complete video clocks in at over 9 minutes.  Looking back now, it could be hard to describe “Can You Feel It” as groundbreaking, but you have to remember that MTV started the same month as this video’s release, and hundreds of thousands of dollars weren’t spent on vids as they are today.  The special effects are pretty cool and are ahead of their time for videos. But the whole premise is just crazy.  Michael and his brothers are giants spreading their love(?), water floods the earth and if you look quickly enough in one scene you can see people trapped in air bubbles.  The sound effects don’t help the video but after a few viewings it seems to fit, even if some of the sounds come from Star Wars. The long version includes the Jacksons descending from the heavens and a whole group of extras of different races and ages holding hands with an ending possibly inspired by a Spielberg alien movie.

So what’s up with this video? One commenter said it remineded him of Jehovah Witnessmaterial, and I would have to agree.  Michael at the time was a JW, and the very ending with all the races happy is reminiscent of the JW’s belief that there will be a paradise on earth after the end of the world.

And second, why do you never see it on MTV, VH1 or anyplace else? One possibility is at least in America, the single barely made the Hot 100.  Or it could be that it’s from the time when MTV showed music videos only from white artists. Or it’s become forgotten due to the whole phenomenon of the “Thriller” album. Anyhow, you can now watch it for posterity on youtube.


single, ep, mini-album, album . . . oh, and “mixtape”

The RIAA and Britain’s The Chart Company have official rules regarding just EXACTLY what defines a single, EP or LP/album. In the UK, these rules are just as excuses to exploit consumers with multiple versions of the same single but here the rules are pretty much just ignored. And ANYWAY, we shouldn’t really be letting the RIAA, which only represents the major labels for the most part, dictate what we can call an EP or LP, etc. Here’s what defines the various formats in MY mind . . .

Info: In the old days a single was pretty damn simple. It was usually on a little 7″, 45 rpm record that really only had room for a few minutes on each side. So usually there were just 2 songs on the single. Then disco and hip-hop groups started releasing 12″ 33 1/3 RPM singles with long-ass remixes. Then cassettes and CDs came about and suddenly “singles” would have a half-dozen tracks, usually consisting of remixes, album outtakes or live tracks.
My Definition: I think there is a fundamental difference between a single and an EP which is that a single is typically a temporary release that isn’t kept in print over the years. The single is often defined by the fact that it’s being sold on the strength of one (or occasionally two) songs, while the rest is more or less filler (even if it’s strong material). Additionally, the featured track on most singles is taken from an album that the musical artist is currently promoting. However, there are also many standalone singles that little to do with a full album release.

Info: “EP” is short for “extended play”, due to the fact that, in the past, some EPs were released on 12″ records that had the same program on both sides. Much like the single, the EP has evolved over the years and the term has been used in some pretty strange ways. In the old days they were basically just longer singles where 4 songs might be crammed on a 7″. One band famous for the EPs is Alice In Chains, whose first EP, Sap contained 4 tracks (+ 1 bonus track) and clocked in at 20 minutes. Their second “EP”, Jar of Flies, has SEVEN tracks and clocks in at 31 minutes! How the hell is that an EP? There are a hell of a lot of full albums that aren’t that long? Regardless, the release is regarded as the first EP to top the album charts. What? How can it be an album if it’s an EP? How can it be an EP if it’s 31 minutes?! There are several other dumb examples, like Anthrax’s Attack of the Killer B’s, a 9 minute rarities compilation, which the packaging calls an EP.
My Definition: For me, the main thing that distinguishes an EP from a single is that it’s a cohesive piece of work and includes songs that were meant to coexist, rather than the random nature of singles b-sides. EPs are also typically kept in-print and are not simply released in short runs that only last a few months.

Info: Well, I don’t think any OFFICIAL organizations use this term but I’ve seen it used a lot.
My Definition: It’s just a long EP. Or a short album.

Info: You know, that thing that has several songs and takes awhile to listen to.
My Definition: It’s long, maybe at least 20 minutes? It’s a complete product and is kept in print for a long time, if possible.

Info: This is a hip-hop phenomenon that has completely grown out of control over the last few years. Originally, mixtapes were literally cassette tapes on which people just dubbed whatever songs they wanted in some preferred order. Eventually, DJs made mixtapes in which they displayed their skills, like transitioning from one song to another. In the early 2000s, DJs, producers and MCs started releasing mixtapes basically as outlets for leftovers or for exclusive tracks, sometimes even from other artists (ie a DJ Muggs mixtape might have some tracks that Muggs did not create but simply enjoys). These were typically made in a DIY manner, as in CD-Rs. This format still exists but now many “mixtapes” are factory-pressed and even distributed through Amazon, in spite of the fact the mastermind of the mixtape may not have the rights to the recordings included within. NOW mixtapes have gotten even goofier, as may they may take the form of completely normal albums that are distinguished solely by packaging that refers to the release as a mixtape. The main point behind this distinction is to say, “Don’t slam me if this sells poorly, it’s just a mixtape.” This kind of “mixtape” is usually released less than a year before a “real” album, in order to raise awareness. However, several of these mixtapes have had singles released for them, which is ridiculous! Argh. I have one of these fake mixtapes by rapper Prodigy who repeatedly mentions that the CD is “just a mix CD” and “we’re just having fun”, even though the CD has 14 brand new tracks.

My Definition: I dunno, I don’t get it.

Are your definitions different?



Okay, not womanizer. BUT look at these facts:

1. McCain was born in 1936, so he is 71.

2. His first wife, Carol, who is a former model, was born in 1936.

3. McCain and Carol were married in 1965; both were 29.

4. McCain and Carol were divorced in 1980; both were 44.

5. At age 44, you no longer look young–model or not.

6. McCain marries Cindy McCain in the same year he divorces Carol.

7. Cindy is 26 when she marries McCain; McCain is 44.

8. Cindy is 18 years younger than McCain.

It really surprises me that someone that has been divorced and remarried is going to be a presidential nominee. There is nothing wrong with this, but is this a first? It also seems apparent that McCain enjoys young, pretty women. I know I can’t say divorcing your aging wife and marrying a hot, blonde twenty-something in the same year is wrong, but hmm.

Beati Paoli: new song: “MAGGIE”: listen to it.

i just uploaded ANOTHER new song from Beati Paoli’s upcoming release, “A Sense Of Urgency”. (this full length album will be available on SEPTEMBER 5TH. there will be two KILLER shows that day at the vaudeville mews. come hang out.) after this, there will only be one more song to upload before you can hear every song from the album FOR FREE online.

this song is called “MAGGIE:

you can also add it to your facebook or desktop players through Beati Paoli’s profile AND download it from the snocap store on Beati Paoli’s myspace page.

and you can stream it from Beati Paoli’s facebook page OR

hope you enjoy it!


Grand Royal

Do you errrrrmember Grand Royal, the record label founded by the Beastie Boys? I have secrets for you! IT SUCKED.

I thought Grand Royal was really cool back in my middle and high school days but I guess that was just because the Beastie Boys released their own albums and singles on the label, all of which were quite good. HOWEVER, decent major releases by aritsts other than the Beastie Boys were rare, especially if you remove Atari Teenage Riot, who were only distributed by Grand Royal in the US and not signed to the label.

So, here they are, the good releases by Grand Royal that weren’t by the Beastie Boys:

In Search of Manny by Luscious Jackson – an interesting blend of samples and live instruments. After this EP Luscious Jackson just became a boring disco band.

The Hurra by Hurricane – the Beastie Boys’ DJ takes a stab at a solo album, which sounds a lot like . . . a Beastie Boys album, which should come as no surprise since the Beastie Boys and their extended family pop up all over the album.

BS 2000 – another Beastie Boys side project. It’s like sped-up Beastie Boys beats.

Sean Lennon – Wow, it has nothing to do with the Beastie Boys! A bunch of really strong, catchy pop songs.

And that’s it. Everything else was either a poop or a fart, except for a few singles. Pieces of shit on the label included Ben Lee and fucking JIMMY EAT WORLD. Perhaps the most perplexing thing about Grand Royal was its NEAR-DISDAIN for hip-hop. Aside from their own stuff and the Hurricane album, they never released a hip-hop album. wtf?! The closest they came was a few vinyl-only singles from people like The Prunes and Mr. Lif.



Circa Ceramics=Sweeet!

I went to an art festival today and these guys were my favorite…

It’s all kind of kitschy, but I really like it. And I was happy to find that they were actually local artists b/c it’s always kind of a let-down to go to a local art festival, only to find nationally imported art.