Search Engine Terms

As I am currently in the UK (and currently watching ‘The Shining’ on TV and currently getting creeped out by those goddamn twins, but that’s beside the point), I have been (un)noticeably absent from the blog.

I thought about continuing the Scott/Natalie tradition of posting a daily entry of my British travels, but let’s face it: I’m lazy. So instead I have decided to post the search engine terms that have led people to this site, which I have been collecting for the past month or so. You see, I wasn’t aware that websites were privy to that sort of information until we started up The Noising Machine. It’s kind of strange what sort of words and phrases for which people search the internet. So here are the highlights, or if you prefer, lowlights.

doritos history corn toasted
gross mario
+painted ladies +des moines +80/35 +phot
girls with big butts and naked
zombie clown diary dead
animal and same-sex marriage
obama nude (4 searches)
saul mirsky (6 searches)
classic car mustache man
funky white boys quote
electrocution sounds
ringo starr is an asshole
sickest films amityville ii
ape sex
rainforest babes hot sex
top 10 creepy things about mario
barf sound machine
april ‘o’ neil is fucked by the shredder
scott is not a cunt
machine to make doritos
link and zelda have sex
massive mammaries
mario vs hannah montana
asian guy from karate kid
rag basketball reading rainbow video
my brother love’s myspace youtube
great tit sounds
what happened to tree man on tlc?

I can only hope we haven’t ruined Saul Mirksy’s (Natalie’s father) reputation with this blog.


One response to “Search Engine Terms

  1. I kind of lost it when I saw “obama nude” as a search engine term for the first time.

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