Mirage Classics Part 3: TMNT comics by Eastman & friends

After Eastman & Laird lost their interest in making comics together, Eastman occasionally recruited one of his friends/peers from the comics world to work on new TMNT stories with him. The results were always great, although the products reflect the influence of the guests much more than Eastman’s own style.

TMNT #18 (1989)
story: Mark Bode & Kevin Eastman
pencils: Mark Bode
inks: Kevin Eastman & Eric Talbot
The color reprint of this issue was the first Mirage comic I ever bought and it was sweet. Bode draws almost exactly like his famed father, Vaughn, but Eastman’s and Talbot’s inks give everything a ragged, hard edge that compliment the very uncharacteristic-for-Mirage story taking place in China and featuring a Bruce Lee wannabe.

TMNT #32 (1990)
story/pencils: Mark Bode
inks: Kevin Eastman & Eric Talbot
Another great issue that’s out of character. This time the Turtles go to Egypt to save April who, for SOME REASON, is a reporter, even though she’s a computer programmer in every other issue of the comic series. Huh?!

CASEY JONES: NORTH BY DOWNEAST #1 & 2 (1992/1993 Plastron Cafe Anthology, 1994)
story: Rick Veitch & Kevin Eastman
pencils: Rick Veitch
inks: Kevin Eastman
Veitch had been invited to work on some TMNT issues in the past but this time he undertook a Casey Jones solo story that originally ran, partially, in serialized form in an anthology title. The story is ridiculous – apparently there is a race of crab people living in the ocean. Who knew?!

BODYCOUNT #1-4 (1994, 1996)
story and pencils/roughs: Kevin Eastman
inks/finishes: Simon Bisley
Eastman’s pencils must have been really rough because the art looks 100% Bisley. Apparently, Eastman wanted to write the most violent, wild story he could and decided to include Raphael and Casey Jones. It’s actually a very fun, retarded story, with perfectly appropriate art by Bisley.

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