Mirage Classics 4: TMNT short story collections

Mirage’s first forway into inviting indie creators to take a stab at a TMNT story. There were obviously no rules as many of the stories have very little to do with established TMNT continuity. A fun, random collection.

SHELL SHOCK (published 1989, collecting stories from 1985-1989)
Eastman & Laird and their cronies loved to create short stories featuring the TMNT. They shoved them anywhere they could: anthologies, benefit/charity publications, backpages in other creators’ series, etc. This awesome trade paperback collected all of those stories, plus some new ones from the likes of Stan Sakai and Michael Zulli. This might actually be more fun than the TPBs collecting full-length stories.

TURTLE SOUP VII 1-4 (1991-1992)
The Turtle Soup concept returns, featuring random, varied stories from the Mirage regulars, and guests like Mark Martin. IN COLOR OMG.

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