BEATI PAOLI: “a sense of urgency” & “every day, an elegy”

ALRIGHT!!! here are 2 more songs off the upcoming Beati Paoli album, “A Sense Of Urgency”.

“A Sense Of Urgency” . track 2.


“Every Day, An Elegy”. track 7.


if you would like to purchase these songs, YOU’RE IN LUCK, the Beati Paoli snocap store is now up and running! we aren’t allowed to embed things on wordpress, but you can find it on our myspace page, Beati Paoli’s myspace page, our website, and Beati Paoli’s website. You can purchase digital downloads of these new songs before the album comes out, plus you can get all the tracks from the “Penny Dreadful” ep and other unreleased songs.

the official release for “A Sense Of Urgency” is September 5th. there will be TWO cd release shows that day. we’ll let you know more details soon!

make sure to check back often. we’ll continue uploading new songs up until the cd release show.

ps – you can check out Beati Paoli on their website and/or their myspace. OR on the noising machine website


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