Dear Drummers: Rock Band 2

Today I read that Rock Band 2, coming out later this year for all the big systems, will be compatible with a real, electronic drumset from Ion. So you can play the fake drums for fun at home and you can also plug ’em in and play along with the game. That sounds cool to me! I don’t know anything about the $$$ at this point but Ion seems to be pretty inexpensive (low-end? cheap?).


example Ion drumset



3 responses to “Dear Drummers: Rock Band 2

  1. Wow, this Rock Band thing has really taken off. This thing is going to have to be relatively cheap/low-end to attract customers. I’ve seen the other “drum set” for the original Rock Band. I saw some kid playing it at Best Buy and the hi-hat pedal broke on him. Hopefully they make some upgrades in the hardware.

    What would be awesome is if they could some how incorporate existing modules like Roland, Hart, Yamaha, etc. into their system so people who already had an electric kit could use theirs instead of buying a crappy one. It would be awesome if I could play all those songs without drum tracks on my roland TD20S. But that’s pretty unrealistic.

  2. Whoever posted that Ion set, I know that’s a real Ion set and all but the one that was pictured in the article is actually more complete and with cymbal-style cymbal pads.

  3. ooops. sorry. i added the picture, just so people could get an idea of what it MIGHT look like. i didn’t think they had a picture of the proposed rockband set yet, so i just added a pre-existing set. post that pic, if you can!

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