-AM- Old Computers Sidebar: “You Got Your Gaming Console In My Computer!” or “You Got Your Computer In My Gaming Console!” or “You Got Your Dick In My Floppy Drive!”

In ye olde days the guts and capabilities of home computers and gaming consoles weren’t that different. Actually, on several occasions one or the other was converted in some way. Examples . . .

In the early 80’s, Atari decided it needed a new console to replace the 2600 so they took their Atari 400 computer, redesigned it, and released it as the Atari 5200 Super System. Unfortunately, the dumbfucks changed the cartridge slot size so Atari 400 cartridges weren’t compatible. STUPID!

Atari tried this again in the later 80s. They took their Atari XE computer, removed the keyboard, redesigned the case, and called it the Atari XEGS game console. This time around they were smarter, as the XEGS played XE (and Atari 400) cartridges. However, the XEGS was almost COMPLETELY unnoticed.

In the early 90s, Fujitsu took their FM Towns computer, remodeled it, and released it as the FM Towns Marty, which officially has the best name for a system ever. It was also the first console to use CDs as its main medium.

Amiga did something similar with the Amiga CD32 in 1993 or so. Its guts were exactly like the Amiga and a 3rd party even released a keyboard to make it a full computer.

Finally, during the video game crash of 1983/84, Coleco discontinued the Colecovision and decided to turn it into a computer, known as the Coleco Adam, by adding a keyboard and printer. This computer was a fucking piece of shit and a disaster and BANKRUPTED Coleco. Just as a fun fact, Coleco was the company behind the Cabbage Patch Kids but the Adam lost more money than the Kids made – so Coleco died. Another fun fact, Coleco is short for Connecticut Leather Company! WTF


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