New Beati Paoli Song Posted!

last wednesday we went to omaha and got the upcoming Beati Paoli album, “A Sense Of Urgency”, mastered. Doug Van Sloun did a very good job, and we recommend him for all your mastering needs.

the proposed release for this album is the first or second week of september, but since we have great sounding copies of all the songs RIGHT NOW, we’re going to upload a new song or two every week, so you can get a good idea of what the full album is going to be.

the first song we’ve uploaded is “You Are My Megalodon”. track 9. it takes about 20 seconds to get going, but it’s worth the wait. i promise.

ALSO… the Beati Paoli snocap store should be up and running in the next couple of days, and you can download this song, as well as all the songs off the “Penny Dreadful” ep AND the 2 remixes, for the standard 99 cents per song. (we will have most of these songs available for free download as well. shhhhhh.)

hope you enjoy the new music!

“You Are My Megalodon” from the upcoming album “A Sense Of Urgency”

ps – you can check out Beati Paoli on their website and/or their myspace.


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