Not again

Maybe I will hijack this blog and make it an anti-Current-Apple and pro-Old-Apple publication 24/7!

I’m going to post some excerpts from 

Excerpt 1: UGH

“In nearly every review of Apple computers, reviewers dote on appearance. Reviewers and consumers are swayed by the look and feel of Mac desktops and laptops, and aesthetics are addressed as a major buying consideration. ”

It’s bad enough that consumers are that dumb but even sadder that the reviewers are so “swayed”.


Excerpt 2: DOUBLE UGH

“If you try to compare an iMac with a standard Windows desktop PC of comparable specs, however, you’d spend much less on a PC. For example, the Dell Inspiron (*est. $900) is radically cheaper than the 2.4 GHz 20-inch iMac (starting at *est. $1,500) . The prices are based on the same speed CPU, the same amount of RAM and video RAM, the same size and speed hard drive and a 20-inch display. ”


Exceprt 3: bias?

Part of why I chose to post from this article is the way that, in spite of the facts at hand, the writer still seems to want to stick up for Macs.

“The Mac OS is superior to Windows for several types of uses. Those include graphic design, desktop publishing (because Macs have flawless WYSIWYG [what-you-see-is-what-you-get] printing capability), music production and certain sciences.”

I can’t speak for the whole thing but music?  Are you kidding me?  That’s just not the case and if it ever was that era ended a long time ago.  That’s just stupid.  The OS you’re using is going to have minimal effect on the way that 3rd party programs like ProTools operate and I’m guessing there are way more studios running ProTools on Windows than Mac OSX.

and . . .

Excerpt 4: Reliability and maintenance

“However, the cost of Macintosh service and repairs still extends beyond the purchase price. For instance, if the optical drive in an iMac or mini dies, owners must pay for Apple’s proprietary replacement parts or buy an expensive external DVD burner. Because the internal drives are built into the chassis, they aren’t user-replaceable parts. Apple’s own extended warranty, the AppleCare Protection Plan, is the most expensive in the industry.”

By proprietary they mean that only Apple can make parts for Macs so they have a monopoly and charge accordingly.



A big part of my disgust with Apple stems from the current situation in which they are the ONLY alternative to a practical monopoly in Windows.  I do not love Windows, I do not hate Windows.  It’s so everpresent it’s like oxygen or water.  Apple has a very important role as the only other survivor of the 1980s computer wars that claimed the computer market lives of Commodore, Atari, NEC, ZX, etc.  It’s their job to offer something really different and special but instead their main focus is aesthetics.


One response to “Not again

  1. thank you. i’ve been preachin’ this for YEARS.

    especially the music production part.

    it seems like back in the day this was true, and somehow people continue to just quote it without thinking about how computers have changed over the years. it’s just one of those “facts” that the pro-mac people are more than happy to present without researching if it’s really a fact or not.

    i don’t hate the macbooks i’ve fiddled around on, they really do LOOK and FEEL nice, but i’ll never buy one.

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