Meat issues: 1) Environment 2) Humanitarian 3) Media Bias

From my perspective, the three most annoyingly preachy people in the world are Christians, Muslims and vegetarians.  The one thing that vegetarians have that the others don’t is a HUGE AMOUNT OF DATA, FACTS, and the support of the United Nations. 


Being evironmentally responsible is really trendy in a very superficial way in our country.  Lots of people recycle, lots of people are changing modes of transportation, lots of people are monitoring their energy use but very few are avoiding the #1 most environmentally damaging industry in the entire world: meat production.  Many environmental scientific watchdog groups, like Worldwatch Institute, have known this for years but the United Nations finally studied the issue 2 years ago and came to the same conclusion: the best thing you can do for the environment is to not eat meat.

I love all the environmental issues related to domestic oil drilling, coming from people that probably eat meat.  The environmental hazards from drilling are absolutely miniscule compared to FACTS, according to the EPA, like: the meat industry pollutes more water in America than EVERY OTHER INDUSTRY COMBINED . . . or that cattle grazing causes 85% of all soil erosion in the United States.  In a few decades, when we’re having trouble growing domestic crops because of soil runoff, you can rest assured that it’s not at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico thanks to our beef diet.

The environmental ramifications are just gigantic.  Meat is the biggest contributor to global warming as it is the #1 biggest cause of deforestation.  It takes a lot of grain to feed all those KFC chickenz!


This one is really simple and totally ignored.  There are hundreds of millions of starving people in the world, in spite of that we grow enough crops every year to feed the world many times over.  We raise enough crops to feed to COWS ALONE every year to feed the world’s human population.  But that’s just it, we’re wasting it unnecessarily on livestock.  It takes 16 lbs of grain and over 2000 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat.  Every time you eat meat you are wasting 15 potential meals that could have benefited someone somewhere else in the world.


The fact that these facts are out there and have been endorsed by the United Nations but still receive VERY little coverage in our news media is nothing short of an abomination.  People like Al Gore are celebrated for their semi-scientific movies that naturally completely ignore the BIGGEST ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE.  The media loves to give green tips and almost never mentions anything related to meat or even diet. 

Even groups like Sierra Club that love hunting acknowledge the damage of meat production.  There is a LOT of information on these issues out there.  But don’t look for it in our degenerate, Obama-loving, status quo-adoring news media.


4 responses to “Meat issues: 1) Environment 2) Humanitarian 3) Media Bias

  1. Beef: I shower in that shit.

    I won’t argue the environmental ramifications that the animal kingdom and us humans naturally have on the earth. After all, us creatures put more methane into the atmosphere than all the cumbustion engines in the world combined (who farted?).

    But I will argue your second point about foreign food distribution. It’s called the Food for Progress program ran by the USDA. And it’s just one of many programs that provide food aid to countries at no cost. is another example of privately funded aid.

    Is there still hunger in the world? Sure. But people and governments are willing to help (America gives $100min food annually to India alone). And the most likely explaination of the media turning a blind eye is the fact that there are several of these organizations in place to feed po0r countries. Maybe there should be a PBS special on how several countries are rejecting hundreds of millions of dollars worth of food because it’s been genetically modified even in the midst of impending food crises. I’m sure the starving would have something to say about that.

    On a personal note, I tried the whole protein alternative thing: soy milk, boca burgers, etc. I hated it. Not only does it taste bad, but soy protein is harder to digest. And when you eat 200g of protein per day, your GI tract will tell you if something’s wrong. And it did in a big way. I’ll never eat that stuff again.

    I like the doom-and-gloom part of this piece. But Al Gore’s got you beat. He says we have 10 years to save the earth from scorching. That was in 2006. So in 3 decades we won’t be able to plant crops? Can’t wait! I’ll start the doomsday timer for that one too.

  2. The media bias has more to do with the environmental aspect, since they love to spend so much time talking about things like that.

    I’m sure we’ll be able to plant in 30 years, but when 85% of your soil erosion is avoidable that can cause a problem.

    In regard to the food aid you’re talking about, are you aware of the current food crisis and the skyrocketing prices worldwide? I realize I failed to mention this aspect in my ramblings. It’s laughable that things like ethanol are being blamed when 100000 (my own, made up number) times more crops are being redirected to meat production.

  3. kind of related article:


  4. this is some good info. many people don’t realize this stuff, or don’t bother to think about it.

    unfortunately… once they learn about it, most people choose to ignore it.

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