Drilling = Duh

Scott mentioned the flip-flop of Democrats on drilling issues but he didn’t specify his own position on the issue.  I’ll tell you mine:

Drilling = DUH

I like how it’s okay for us to supposedly “ruin” the environments of other areas, just as long as we don’t “ruin” an incredibly small percentage of ANWAR or dig offshore.  It’s okay for us to lay down cables and engage in offshore mining but oil is off-limits.  What?  My personal opinion is that the government has intentionally placed many restrictions on domestic drilling over the years because they see our reserves as a rainy day deposit.  Well, the rainy day has arrived so use the fucking stuff.  You dig the shit up, you use it up, you do your damage, and finally it’s all gone.  The current system is a really good way to fund repressive, totalitarian governments that also hate us.  Even morally, it’s wrong to leave the stuff in the ground when there are people that can benefit from it.  Let’s make it our super humanitarian project: we’ll drill our own oil and but we’ll keep buying a bunch from OPEC and give it away to East Timor and Bangladesh.  Gas will still be $4 at the pump and so people will continue to use more efficient transportation.  Of course it would never happen.

But, in conclusion . . .

Drilling = Duh


4 responses to “Drilling = Duh

  1. Mmmm, delicious!

    I saw a post a couple weeks ago on Hot Air where they compared a picture of ANWR to a picture of the surface of Mars, there’s just not a whole lot there. And the only place they want to drill is the size of the Reagan International Airport on the northern edge. Drill damn you!

    Bored, yet again, at work.

  2. While it was initially hard for me to go along with drilling on a wildlife refuge or whatever it’s called, but the whole “not in my backyard” mentality really bothers me.

    Let’s just get it over with and drill.

  3. Good video, but NozzleRage really doesn’t have awesome solutions.

  4. I can’t embed? Sheesh….

    The link’s in there.

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