Shortwave Radio

Most people don’t realize you can hear radio stations from halfway around the world in the comfort of your Lazy Boy. You can do this by buying a shortwave radio. Most radios only have AM and FM stations, but you can buy a fairly cheap shortwave radio at Radio Shack or online. Shortwave stations lie just above mediumwave stations, or what most people know as AM. For 5 summers during the mid 90’s I listened to shortwave until my family got the internet. I heard dozens of countries. Countries such as Venezuela, Russia, Nigeria and Japan. And many of the countries broadcast not only in their native language, but English as well. One of the cool aspects of listening is sending a report to a station and then replying back with a “verification” or QSL card.

Front of a Swiss Radio International QSL. The first QSL I ever recieved.

From some stations I also recieved more than just a card but stickers, and other stuff.

Unfortunately, shortwave radio isn’t as big as it used to be. It’s last hurrah, so to speak, was during the first Persian Gulf War in 1991. Lots of people bought radios so they could hear news of the war. Today most people just use the internet for the latest news. Some stations have even shutdown and are now only on the internet, such as the station’s verification pictured above; Swiss Radio International. But there are still plenty of stations out there to hear if you know where to look.


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4 responses to “Shortwave Radio

  1. this whole blog is slowly but surely turning paul harvey-esque, real bits and pieces held together with thinly-veiled advertisements.

  2. what do you have against SHORTWAVE RADIOS!?

  3. Yes, we’re trying to sell products. I’m glad you finally caught us.

  4. Well at least shortwave still offers utilities. That is one thing I have tried my best to get into. But the christian broadcasters from here in the USA, over power the stations I want to hear.

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