listen to the earth scream

hey guys! this is cool.


i had never heard of this before, but i guess we’ve known about it since the 70s. the sound is created by earth’s magnetic field being hit by charged particles from solar wind. blahblahblah. it’s related to the northern lights.

the ionosphere blocks the radio waves (which are 10,000 times stronger than anything man-made) from hitting earth. without that blessed ionoshpere, all of our radio stations would be overwhelmed.

also… they’ve recently discovered that these radio waves (or akr or auroral kilometric radiation) shoot out from the earth in narrow beams. now that we know this, scientist plan on using this knowledge to detect planets around other stars!

click on that link and listen to the awesome sounds!

also… the earth hums


7 responses to “listen to the earth scream

  1. The ionosphere also traps in radio waves. That’s why you can hear AM stations from Chicago or a shortwave station from China.

  2. ALSO, the ionosphere is created by the currents within earth’s liquid core. These currents also give Earth its magnetic polarity. These currents, as part of their natural cycle, are very gradually slowing down. Eventually, they will almost be nonexistent, at which point there will be no magnetic orientation and no ionosphere, so HELLO, METEORS! Just as gradually, the currents will resume in the opposite direction and “north” will be “south” and vice versa and the ionosphere will return. This cycle has been repeated many times since the earth’s formation.

  3. my god is good,is’nt it wonderful to think that what humans have used as a scare tactic for years, and to condemn one another,might save human life!!!

  4. also check out earths’ alien sounds at

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