comfort/convenience is priority #1

i’m not sure why, but every so often i forget how self-centered people are.

then i read about things like the latest pew poll on energy and the environment.

in JUST 5 MONTHS, the number of people who chose conservation over energy exploration went down 10 points, from 55% to 45%, and those opposed to protecting the environment is now in the lead with 47%.

and fuck these liberals who went from 22% in favor of drilling to 45%. fuck you and your bleeding hearts.

here’s an article on it

i just find it very disheartening when it’s proven time and time again that the majority cares for little more than their own personal comfort.


3 responses to “comfort/convenience is priority #1

  1. I think people need to get out of the mindset that they are immune to the limited supply of oil in the world. Also, I think the would be better if everyone cycled everywhere.

  2. Music to my cold-hearted republican ears.

    Massed-produced alternative energy transportation is in the works, but not around the corner. I think drilling here is a good idea not only because it reduces our dependency on foreign oil but provides an economic buffer zone to continue research on hydrogen, battery-operated, fuel cell cars, etc. I’ve read that realistically, there won’t be an alternative fuel car for at least 15 years. Sure there’s the Tesla Roadster available now for a starting price of around $80k (0-60 in 4 seconds on batteries!) and the Chevy Volt due in 2010, but they can’t really tow around construction equipment can they? Drill here. Drill now. Pay less. Sign the petition and support alternative fuels.

    I bought a bike the other day. The new car I bought is supposed to be filled with premium, but at $4.81/gallon I think I’ll use pedal power to go to the store.

  3. Yeah…I biked nine miles the other day running errands.

    I’m so GREAT!

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