UAE Likes Their Tall Buildings

So, I came across an article about an 80-story, energy-efficient, rotating skyscraper that is being built in Dubai.

I also remember watching a program on HGTV about world architecture and Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, the world’s tallest hotel and, soon enough, the world’s tallest structure.  It seems like a lot of buildings in Dubai are still being competed and they are all claiming that they will be/are the world’s tallest.  To keep it simple, I included the winner’s on HGTV.  Also, Iowa is home to the 10th largest structure in the world, the WOI-Tower, which is in Alleman.

Tallest Hotel: Burj Al Arab

World’s Tallest Building: Burj Dubai

One response to “UAE Likes Their Tall Buildings

  1. i hate that ugly hotel. i like burj dubai, though.

    also… i think that any building with a pointy-needle-thing on the top should be disqualified from the game. cuz that’s sorta like winning a who’s-the-tallest-dude contest by wearing a marching band hat with a big feather in it.

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