Austria Vs. Japan: Odds and Ends

It’s been a few weeks so I figured I’d just sort of catch up on a few recent happenings in Japan as well as one abroad. That and I’m feeling lazy this week.

First off, notorious child serial killer, Tsutomu Miyazaki (aka The Otaku Murderer, aka The Little Girl Murderer, aka Dracula, aka Yoko Imada) was hanged on Tuesday. Miyazaki was convicted of kidnapping, molesting, and murdering four elementary-aged girls back in the late eighties. He was also accused of mutilating the young girls’ bodies and taunting the victims’ families with repeated phone calls, post cards describing the girls’ deaths, and in one case sent a box with their daughter’s remains in it.

You can check two different articles about the hanging here and here. It’s of interest to note the vastly different tones between the first article, which is Japanese, verses the second one, which is British.

Recent police reports are stating that the Akihabara rampage killer stabbed all twelve of his victims within thirty seconds.

And speaking of stabbings . . . .

Finally, while this is neither Austria nor Japan, it’s still disturbing. There are reports coming from the Czech Republic that two young boys were discovered being held captive in a closet for several months. The youngest of the two had parts of him cut off and was consumed by their family, which they claimed was for a cult they were a part of. Read more here.

Don’t worry, it’ll be Austria’s turn next time.

2 responses to “Austria Vs. Japan: Odds and Ends

  1. the string of links was well done.

  2. Yes, I will have to also say good work on the string of links (is anyone else slightly bothered by that phrase?). Also, is all Japanese journalism water-downed or just articles that might be critical of Japan?

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