movie challenge 2005: chapter 2

find an explanation and chapter 1 RIGHT HERE.

May 3rd, 2005:

well… i’m sorry to disappoint, but after counting the horror movies, i realised that i would have to watch 8-10 movies a day in order to view them all by the end of may. so the new goal is the end of june, but i’m sure that some way through the friday the 13th series, or the halloween series, or the nightmare on elm street series, i’ll loose all will to see this through, and the goal will once again be changed, probably to the end of july or to never. we’ll see…

also, i’m ill. i’m afraid i might have strep, and that could cut into movie watching time. it’s hard to sit through movies when you’re all hopped up on target immitation brand nyquil.

28 Days Later:

great movie. everything about it is pretty great. i highly recommend it, but i’m sure everyone who reads this has already seen it. also, the ‘radical alternate ending’ was cool. i wish they had filmed it.


the 1997 movie starring j-lo, ice cube, owen wilson, and john voight, among others. lame-o! john voight was cool, and owen wilson played a slightly different roll than he plays in all his other films. SLIGHTLY, i say, cuz he was still basically the same goofy character, he just didn’t get as goofy, and he was hardly in it. it’s about some film crew who is out to do a documentary about some tribe, then they meet this crazy dude who ends up leading them on a hunt for a giant snake. i guess this film’s main selling point was its ‘groundbreaking special effects’. ouch. the effects in this are horrible. the snake is less realistic than the skeleton warriors from army of darkness. and i have no idea why this shit was in the horror section, it should be in the action section, or the ‘shitty movies’ section. what a waste of my time. i coulda been watching a shitty horror movie instead.


6 responses to “movie challenge 2005: chapter 2

  1. 28 days later would have been better if they hadn’t stuck the romance part in there. at least the part where the main female character is crying and the main male character (i can’t remember character names to save my life) starts kissing her.. and then it’s all a love story… booooring. rip some arms off or something. i don’t want no fucking love story.
    is 28 weeks later any good? i have tried watching it online a couple times, but it always fucks up. and i don’t feel like renting it. too much effort. i’m very lazy.

  2. When I saw this title, I thought this was going to be a challenge, like a puzzle or contest that people can solve. Can we make a movie puzzle?

    Also, last night’s episode of wasn’t very good. One reason being it seems like they are trying to compact a full-length feature storyline into 40 minutes. I felt like I was watching an abridged version. EG: “Let’s show the viewers that Dennis is going back to old habits by flipping out on ‘his’ kid and some guy that stole his parking spot with no build-up or suspense what so ever, so the viewers feel absolutely nothing for what is happening.” I’m not sure if I’m conveying my point very well. I mean TV sucks!

  3. 28 weeks later is fine. i enjoyed it. it’s not GOOD, though. just a dumb action movie. if you’re into that shit, then you might like it. if you’re looking for something like 28 days later, then don’t bother.

  4. fearstreet or whatever it’s called wasn’t horrible, but yeah… i felt like i was watching a lifetime movie or something. it felt like tv, not like a movie. not even like a short movie. i keep hoping that somebody will use the shorter format properly, but these idiots keep trying to copy shitty hollywood horror films instead of really embracing what you can do if you don’t have to make a 90 minute film.

  5. nataliebeth

    i love anaconda and i love tbone or whoever
    and i love 28 days later

  6. nataliebeth

    actually, 28 weeks later is REALLY BAD
    scott didn’t we watch that together? aren’t you supposed to mirror my opinions ha
    also, the trailer you posted (obviously not official) is sooo shitty, and the music makes me never want to see it but i already have and i loved it so i’m okay

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