17 Pregnant Teens

Dear Diary,

The economy in this old fishing town just isn’t what it used to be.  How can I find hope when no one around me holds to their future?  I go to school.  I get decent grades.  I go to mass.  I have the best friends in the world, but I have nothing to look forward to.

I am now 16 and a half years old.  I need something of my own to control.  Jenny, Susie, Laura, Bethany, Meghan, Tara, Cara, Laura B., Mathilda, Carmen, Jessie, Tegan, Sarah, Lizzie, Callie and Justine all tell me they feel the same way.  We have decided to make this the best school year ever by forming a club:  Club Pregnancy.  It’s really easy to be admitted.   You just have to get impregnated and have a baby.  There are no particulars.  Tara got impregnated by a 24-year-old homeless man.  Really, it is incredibly easy since our parents and school do not condone birth control and we’re too young to drive 20 minutes to the nearest clinic.  Also, the school offers free day-care, a benefit that not even my Mom gets at work for my little brother Tommy.

Fertily yours,

So, yes 17 16-year-old girls from Gloucester High apparently did make a pact to become pregnant.  It seems really strange initially, but it does make some sense–with the conservative nature and failing economy.  Or I guess I can see how maybe one or two girls could be affected, but beyond that I can only assume there is something strange in the drinking water or that there was one really persuasive teenager that convinced the others to commit.  Someone scholarly study this, please.

Time Magazine: Pregnancy Boom at Gloucester High
BBC News: US fears of teen ‘pregnancy pact’
Boston Herald: Teen moms: Pregnancy pact a dumb idea

3 responses to “17 Pregnant Teens

  1. all these kids getting pregnant…they think it’s cool? it’s not….someone needs to give them a dose of reality…we need more shows or movies that show how hard it is to be a parent…nbc is leading the way now with baby borrowers.

  2. yeah… baby borrowers looks like an awful show. and i feel really bad for the babies being exploited on it.

  3. I think using shows or movies is a great way to learn important life lessons. While Baby Borrowers may seem a bit on the exploitive side as Scott suggests, I think that young minds are best shaped by the wielding hand of TV/film execs.

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