sorry cecil, you’re out of the band…

why bother with your axl rose antics when we could just as easily build ourselves a guitar player?

those are the trons, and they are cool.

i’ve always been fascinated by automatons and, to a slightly lesser extent, electric robots, and when people create these machines to do wonderful things like play music, well… it brings a tear to my eye. (as an aside… one thing i’d like to do, at some point in my life, is make a cuckoo clock…)

here’s basically all the info i could find on the trons: (it’s from under the radar)

The Trons are a fully self-playing, singing, drumming and strumming band made mainly from recycled and salvaged parts and instruments and play their own style of NZ garage music. ‘Ham’, ‘Wiggy’, ‘Swamp’, and ‘Fifi’ rock out together in this unique Hamilton creation, driven by electronic circuits and computer parts. Having played a handful of performances already this year as a three-piece – including a local busking competion at which they ousted their human counterparts – the band is rearing to go for their stage debut.

and here are some other machines that make my eyes pop out of my skull:


5 responses to “sorry cecil, you’re out of the band…

  1. Oh, big whoop! Chuck E. Fuckin’ Cheese has been doin’ this for decades!

  2. yeah well those fags don’t have dicks!

  3. well… yes… i do love them chuck e. cheesers. however… they do not actually play their instruments! i know it looks convincing.

  4. nataliebeth


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