two movies with tilda swinton, and bonus point brad pitt

oh man, guys, i can’t wait to see this gem, it looks like it is really going to be a gem. it’s directed by david fincher, who did panic room, zodiac and ha, some thing about aerosmith, and it’s based on a story by f. scott fitzgerald who wrote some stuff back in the day, like the great gatsby. the story is about a man who ages backwards, i.e. from old man to little man! did i mention that brad pitt’s daughter shiloh is going to be in this film? reason to see it right there. plus, come on…huge bonus of cate blanchett. comes out in december.

the curious case of benjamin button

second movie, which looks great but i could be partial to the coen brothers, george clooney, brad pitt, tilda swinton, john malkovich, the dad from juno, and every other part of this movie so actually i think it’s going to be pretty good and it’s not just my partiality. comes out in september, not soon enough.

burn after reading

bye for now!!


5 responses to “two movies with tilda swinton, and bonus point brad pitt

  1. yes yes yes yes! let’s watch these!

  2. I can’t tell if you want to watch these or are making fun of them. I hope making fun.

    David Fincher directed Alien 3!

  3. nataliebeth

    wow it does seem like i’m making fun of them hahaha

    no i actually really want to see both of these!

  4. these are both total gems bro! im so excited for them both too!!! i saw a movie today that was totally NOT A GEM aka THE HAPPENING.

    also i’m worried about al of you nosing machine people in DSM AREY OU OKAY

  5. oh yes. none of us are near the flooded areas. do not worry!!

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