Water Bottles: Part I

So, I have been researching water bottles lately and it seems like there are three serious contenders on the market, all with pros and cons (or more so varying degrees of cons).  A water bottle seems like a necessity that any eco-friendly person should have, but choosing the right one, with the least leaching, cancer-causing agents, is a definite toughy.

Polycarbonate w/ BPA: These bottles scare me the most, due to the large amount of private and government-funded research surrounding the leaching, carcinogenic qualities of BPA.  FDA research has concluded that minimal amounts of exposure cause no harm, but studies suggest that over a certain amount is not recommended (“source”).  BPA has already been banned from baby bottles in Canada (Washtington Post).  And as of Apr 18, 2008, the FDA was not owning to any of the ill effects, but at least advised that alternatives to BPA baby bottles be used (source).  The FDA then stated on May 14, 2008 that that “exposure to BPA from food contact materials, including exposures for infants and children, are below the levels that may cause health effects.” (source).  I can see this debate between scientist and manufacturers continuing until the public completely rejects BPA.

Examples*:  Nalgene, Rubbermaid, Tupperware

*Please note that not all products manufactured by the examples include BPA.  Rubbermaid has been so kind to specifically list each BPA-containing product and it appears Nalgene is moving toward phasing out BPA with their Nalgene Choice line.


One response to “Water Bottles: Part I

  1. how can you figure out which products have cancer in them?

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