The Primary Video Game Markets

There are basically 6 primary video game markets: USA/Canada, Western Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea and China. I say ‘primary’ because these are the markets where publishers and manufacturers maintain official presences and marketing. Other markets, such as Mexico, for example, rely on imports of games from nearby markets. In other words, there is no Nintendo of South America of Sony Computer Entertainment South Africa.

CLUMP 1: USA/Canada, Western Europe, Australia
Popular current platforms: Wii, DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Xbox 360, PC
These markets are actually the most diverse and well-rounded with games from both east and west competing as best-sellers. As you can see, many platforms are currently supported in these regions with many genres represented.

CLUMP 2: Japan
Popular current platforms: Wii, DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Mobile Phones
Japan is in a league of its own. For one thing, they basically only care about games made in Japan, which is a shame and they refuse to touch an Xbox. Also unique is that they take mobile phone games seriously, releasing high-profile, big-budget efforts for their high-power phones.

CLUMP 3: Korea, China
Popular current platforms: PC
Yeah, not very diverse markets but very passionate. They really love to play online PC games, especially the kind where you interact with other people. There are tons of internet cafes where nerds gather to play these games for many, many hours on end. Surprisingly, massively multiplayer online games from the USA are very popular in these markets.


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