Real Life Ray Gun

This is pretty awesome but sad, considering how much we’ve spent on this technology, money we could of spent on technology for healthcare.  The military has created a real life ray gun that forces anyone in it’s path out of the way.  This clip was shown on “60 minutes” a few months ago, and then I saw it again a week ago Sunday.  Like I said, a pretty cool clip but at the same time money that could definitely be used elsewhere.

If you don’t want to watch the whole clip, then here’s a shorter one with the reporter getting hit by the ray.


3 responses to “Real Life Ray Gun

  1. fuck that. gonna be used to put down protests and demonstrations. used against people fighting for what’s right, usually against the government. fuck that.

  2. You sound like you might be with the Rebel Alliance. We don’t take kindly to rebel scum around here.

  3. yeah! shit’s FUCKED big time. i was researching non-lethal weapons a long time ago. there are some other sweet/not-cool experiments with technology going on. maybe i’ll post some someday… or… TONY CAN!

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