movie party #5

#4 still doesn’t count, MATT, but two #4 posts would get CONFUSING, so…

movie party #5. it’s a bit RACIER than the last few…

The Girl On a Motorcylcle

Dracula Has Risen From The Grave


A Bigger Splash

this last one is actually a documentary about David Hockney.

he did these paintings:

movie posters found on



5 responses to “movie party #5

  1. Actually, I deleted Movie Party #4 awhile ago. I beg you, please, forget it happened and retitle this article.

  2. nataliebeth

    i would cum to this movie party.

  3. goddammit, matt! why would you do that?! it’s too late now…

  4. miloprometheus

    I’ve wanted to see Girl On A Motorcycle for awhile…Marianne Faithful stars, and it’s supposed to be pretty weird

  5. yeah… girl on a motorcycle is the only one that actually sounds fun to watch. maybe the documentary too, but i’m a sucker for documentaries.

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