Scott and Ryan, this is the article from BBC News I was trying to describe last night. Guess it’s not Ochs, but a dear friend of his it seems.

New probe into Victor Jara murder

Victor Jara
Folk singer Victor Jara remains a hero to many in Chile

A judge in Chile has re-opened an investigation into the death of folk singer Victor Jara.

Judge Juan Eduardo Fuentes said he would examine 40 new pieces of evidence provided by the singer’s family.

Mr Jara was killed in 1973 at the Stadium of Chile in Santiago, in the early days of former military ruler Gen Augusto Pinochet’s government.

His widow, Joan Jara, said his murder had become an international symbol in the fight against human rights abuses.

She added that the re-opening of the case “opens the way to continue investigating and searching for the truth”.

Tortured and killed

Mr Jara was among thousands of people who were arrested and taken to the Chile Stadium in Santiago soon after Gen Pinochet took power, following a military coup on 11 September, 1973.

Once there, soldiers broke and burned his hands so that he was unable to play his guitar, witnesses say. He was then shot and killed.

The 38-year-old singer was one of the founding fathers of Chile’s New Song movement and a supporter of President Salvador Allende, who was overthrown in the coup.

Judge Fuentes ruled last month that a retired Chilean army colonel, Mario Manriquez, had killed Mr Jara in 1973, but he closed the case after one conviction.

Mr Jara’s relatives – who believe the army is shielding other people who may have been responsible – have welcomed the judge’s decision to hear more evidence.

Col Manriquez, who was the officer in charge of the stadium where Mr Jara was held, is under house arrest and will be sentenced at a later date.

An official report issued after the restoration of democracy in Chile in 1990 found that 3,197 people died or disappeared during military rule.


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  1. yes! if you read my phil ochs post, i mention jara and put some links to his life and death in the coupe. ALSO… i put up a video of him singing and an mp3 of “washington bullets” by the clash, which mentions him and how he was tortured. SOOO… if you haven’t viewed/listened to those things, you should.

  2. I guess that means Allison didn’t read the post.

  3. Hey guys, check out the link when you click “Ochs” on my post.

  4. oh yes. i saw that. i just wasn’t sure if you were able to listen/view the stuff since you probably were at work or whatever.

    when all’s said and done, i’m glad you posted this cuz i was not aware, and cuz it fits so nicely with the phil ochs post.

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