hit and run caught on video

blah blah blah. this is probably on EVERY worthless blog in the world, but…

this shit is FUCKED.

here’s the story

i’m pretty into human beings these days…



2 responses to “hit and run caught on video

  1. After seeing your video I read a bunch about this today. It seems the Mayor initially reacted by shooting off some spin about falling crime rates and tried to downplay the extremely critical comments of the police chief. They claim that 4 911 calls were received within 1 minute but I say the video speaks for itself:

    DURING THAT WHOLE TIME, NO ONE EVEN FUCKING BOTHERED TO AT LEAST STAND BY THE VICTIM TO MAKE SURE THAT NO MORE CARS ACCIDENTALLY STRUCK HIM. And it’s undeniable that several people in the video either completely ignore him or look right at him and continue on their way. Fuck Hartford!

  2. yeah. i think it would have been a very difficult situation to be in, but COME ON! the witnesses all seemed WORTHLESS, and the people who drove by were just as bad. however… i’m most pissed at the two cars who were to blame for this, knew what had happened, and sped away. how can you knowingly KILL a man and just walk away? (yes, i know that he didn’t die, but the way he was hit, he very well could have)

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