Bikers+The Lonesome Heroes=Help Cancer

Sometimes I feel like I’m wearing two left shoes when I’m on the internet. Yet-when my water is mixed with vodka–as it is right now–I don’t seem to mind. If you don’t ever drink, attempt reading a sloppy number 5. You will swear it’s an “S” and quite frankly.. that’s what it feels like to be drunk. I stare at doctor applications all day and sometimes when trying to read their application-I feel a lot more dizzy then I do now. You may ask..what’s this leading too? Is this a drunk post? Well, it is not…kinda.

I remember about two years ago bringing a bunch of meat as a gift to a person that does not eat meat. But, that’s all I really had to offer and luckily this fine man had a small living room in Des Moines, Iowa which I spent the night drinking PBRs and chatting nonsense with some fine Texans. These fine Texans were at the time considered, “loose friends.”

After a night in some dive bar parking lot in Philly-dancing to Rod Stewart songs-I convinced them to fly to that we could drive to Des Moines, Iowa- record some music and have a grand ole’ time.

They are now great friends and the point of this blog is simple.

Some of the sweetest, most genuine people I know will be providing songs from their E.P, “Don’t Play to Lose” on Floodwater Records in an upcoming documentary.

Whoa- I almost forgot, these lonestar crazed Texans go by the monkier, “The Lonesome Heroes.”

To view the trailer-just click below.

For more info about The Lonesome Heroes visit a release..why not help a hungry man eat as well?

3 responses to “Bikers+The Lonesome Heroes=Help Cancer

  1. this shit is COOL!!!

  2. nataliebeth

    i thought i commented on this yeeears ago
    but this is really awesome!!

  3. i thought you did too… weird.

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