video game commercials

think of this as an addendum to matt’s intellivision post. in his post, he talks about the mudslinging ads of mattel and sega, and it got me interested in watching old commercials. i found a few of these genesis and intellivision ads on youtube that i’ve included in this post, but i also included some non-agressive video game commercials. i think they are a lot of fun to watch. part of it is probably just nastalgia, but i think part of it is seeing the advertising strategies through the years. i think it would be interesting to take any product and find various ads for it from when it was first introduced up to modern day. maybe i’ll make a post or two like that someday.

so… here we go:

intellivision ads staring george plimpton:

sega master system:

nintendo entertainment system:

sega genesis:

super nintendo:

i love the donkey kong country ad and how it turns the positive selling points that sega uses (32bit, cd-roms, etc) into negatives, and proudly shouts that it is still 16bit.

sega game gear:

sega saturn:

and… here are some awful intellivision nerds.


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