Rob Dobi 2008

I always find it interesting when emo, punk, whathaveyougenre makes it into the spotlight. This is from an article on BBC News, Rock cult or nice kids that do their homework?

1: “Emo hair is characterised by long fringes that sweep over one eye,” says Liz Morris. “It takes some inspiration from Japanese ‘manga’, with punk elements. It’s usually black, with streaks of vibrant colour, and poker straight. The top is often cut short, with pink clips for girls.”
2: “Black skinny jeans and studded belts are a must, topped with a skin-tight T-shirt or shirt to emphasise a skinny frame. Tailoring inspired by the Victorian Gothic era is popular for its connotations of romance and death.”
3: Trainers are the staple footwear of both genders, notably Converse All Star. “These offer a flash of colour in an otherwise plain ensemble, so many go for bright or pattered versions. Pink, red and purple are popular.”

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    10 responses to “Rob Dobi 2008

    1. i hate when counter culture nonsense is written about in a matter of fact manner by news people. mostly because these people have no clue, and also because it makes everything look/sound dumb.

    2. A few weeks ago one of the British tabloids referrd to emo as a culture of death. HUH?! It used to just be whiny punk bitches. I first heard/read the term in 1998 and it was probably around for awhile before that so GOOD JOB being up to date, The News.

      PS – Did you ever hear about the incident in the early 90s when NY Times decided to do a story similar to this one on grunge and they talked to a rep at Sub Pop Records who gave them a bunch of nonsense information and slang and Times published it as fact. Look it up!

    3. thenoisingmachine

      wow. sub pop is cool guys.

    4. o gosh im a model my self and this is cute

    5. Will this entry EVER GO AWAY!?!?


    7. me encanta un chorro los emos x k solo eyos saben lo k sentimis

    8. las imagenes estan super padres, sigan bajando mas, a mi me encantaron y que
      ¡VIVAN LOS EMOS!!!

    9. Fuck the girly girlz .I hate them.LOL EMO KIDZ!!!! :D xxxxxxxxx

    10. emos quiero que sepan que los admiro” de verdad he y mas a sus novias y saben porque? pq se ve que les han de apestar las patas cañon he! todos los dias traen los mismos zapatos que parecen memelas de perro, no se como los soportan. saludos!!!!

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