Rare Javan Rhino

Normally, I leave the animal posts up to Scott and Natalie, but I came across this footage of the extremely rare Javan Rhinoceros (otherwise known as the Lesser One-horned Rhinoceros) on National Geographic’s website and had to post it. For whatever reason, Rhinos have always had a special place in my heart. Perhaps it’s the Ryan-Ryno nickname thing (lame I know), or perhaps it’s because Rhinos are simply awesome. Of course ones that are as cute as these are no exception. Sadly, there are only an estimated 50-60 of them remaining in the world, which makes them supposedly the rarest large mammal in the world.

While I have included the actual footage captured, check out the news video I linked above, particular around the 55 second mark. It’s rather cute how the rhinoceros seems to know it’s being recorded and perkily trots by the camera.


One response to “Rare Javan Rhino

  1. nataliebeth

    i LOVE the video of the rhinos!! so cute so cute

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