US Soldiers Electrocuted

this is probably not something you have even thought about, but it is apparently true. 12 US soldiers have been electrocuted. in the shower. because of improperly grounded water pumps. read this article and then tell me the US government cares about the troops.

story from cnn news


3 responses to “US Soldiers Electrocuted

  1. I saw this article, too — what really annoyed me was that the Army basically told the guy’s poor mother that it was his own fault.

    Now, I seriously doubt he had an electric appliance in the shower with him, but even if that were the case, couldn’t the Army have phrased its words more carefully and shown some empathy for this woman?

    I mean, this is either the result of poor/biased writing (which is possible), bad PR reps from the Army, or pretty clear evidence of the Army’s poor/nonexistant bedside manner.

    Whether or not you support the troops (Matt, I’m winking in your direction), I think a basic respect for human life demands more than this woman and her son received.

  2. P.S. Hey, Natalie – nice to (sort of) meet you.

  3. nataliebeth

    hi patricia! nice to meet you too! maybe someday we’ll meet for real!

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