Old News

A long time ago (within the last month), I made an Excel chart showing how predictable it is to determine what democratic candidate a person will back. I know the general consensus with the people that read this blog seems to be that both Obama and Clinton are idiots, but this chart is a pretty accurate predictor if you had to choose one of them.

Work won’t let me load images from my work computer and I don’t have a computer/internet/friends with computers/friends, so here is a rough recreation of the chart:

Criteria                  Column A               Column B

Age                        Young                      Old

Sex                           Male                      Female

Income                      Rich                         Poor

Education              College                   No College

Race                    Non-Caucasian          Caucasian

Location                 Urban                         Rural

Okay, this is an easy test to grade: If you have more Column A answers, you will support Obama. If you have more Column B answers, you will support Clinton. I tested this out in my mind with some of my friends and family and low and behold whom you choose to support is not really based on opinion, but things beyond your control. I know I am not making groundbreaking observations (e.g.: “Clinton will win this primary b/c of the large population of elderly, white, rural voters…”-CNN), but nonetheless it is interesting how predictable people are.


2 responses to “Old News

  1. basically… “people are stupid”

  2. I believe you meant “lo and behold”. GAWD. Plus, I guess all of us people don’t fit into yer little chart. I may be rich, smart, and black but my vote’s for H-Clint.

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